Dedicated to quality and satisfaction for almost 50 years

For 45 years Charlie's Woodshop and The Puzzle-Man Toys developed and created wooden toys, puzzles and classic game boards for all ages. Charlie was an absolute master at creating wooden toys for all ages and developed an enduring brand that literally spans the globe. Shields Classic Toys continues the legacy of these two legendary brands while developing new horizons in fun and long-lasting wooden toys and game boards.

The Puzzle-Man Toys line of Educational Wooden Toys, Jigsaw Puzzles and Game Boards is created with fun, education and safety in mind.  These colorful and sturdy wooden toys will delight children of all ages.  They help develop dexterity, hand/eye coordination, and the identification of colors, sizes, and shapes.  They also promote problem solving and reasoning skills.


#1. Non-Toxic.  The finish will not chip or peel when children are playing with or putting the toy in their mouth.

#2. Durably Built.  Our items hold up under extreme usage such as classroom environments.

#3. Educational Value.  Our products contain educational features that teach lessons hard to illustrate directly to young children.

#4. Playability and Quality.  We guarantee that our products will be played with for generations without deteriorating.