Classic Wooden Toys Made in the USA

Hand-crafted wooden toys can last for generations, making them the perfect addition to any family. From durable game boards to high-quality educational puzzles, classic wooden toys provide endless entertainment for all ages.
Shields Classic Toys is continuing the legacy of Charlie’s Woodshop by designing and manufacturing a variety of high-quality, classic wooden toys for the whole family.

High Quality Wooden Toys for All Ages

Wooden Game Boards:

Our game boards, including our popular Aggravation wooden game board, are designed to be durable as well as beautiful. Because they are made from solid wood, you can be confident our game boards will be safe, sturdy, and secure for generations of fun. Our cribbage boards are great for competitive fun.

Wooden Jig-Saw Puzzles:

Our jig-saw puzzles make wonderful educational toys. Made from Ponderosa pine for easy handling, our wooden jigsaw puzzles are durable, water-resistant and finished in a non-toxic stain—perfect for little ones. Once completed, they also make great decorations, coasters, and more. Our large puzzles make challenging fun for all ages.

Wooden Toys:

From building blocks to trains, we offer a wide range of high quality, durable wooden toys that are designed to last generations. Made in the USA, our classic wooden toys will stay beautiful and functional through years of play.

Rocking Horses:

Our horses will rock you! Available in two sizes and built to handle rough play for small and bigger kids. Great for display, for fun and built to last for generations.


Our overstock inventory is filled with fun, educational toys that your children will love. The selection changes frequently, so check back to see what high-quality wooden toys and puzzles we’re offering.


Featured Wooden Toys

Charlie’s Woodshop designs and manufactures a huge variety of quality wooden toys for all ages. From jig-saw puzzles to wooden trains, we make a toy for everyone. Here are just a few featured classic wooden toys that we offer.

Creating Quality Wooden Toys for Almost 50 Years

For 45 years, Charlie's Woodshop and The Puzzle-Man Toys developed and created wooden toys, puzzles and classic game boards for all ages. Charlie was an absolute master at creating wooden toys for all ages and developed an enduring brand that literally spans the globe.
Shields Classic Toys continues the legacy of these two legendary brands while developing new horizons in fun and long-lasting wooden toys and game boards.

Hours of Creative Play for All Ages with Classic Wooden Toys

The Puzzle-Man Toys line of Educational Wooden Toys, Jigsaw Puzzles, and Game Boards is created with fun, education, and safety in mind.  These colorful and sturdy wooden toys will delight children of all ages. 
They help develop dexterity, hand/eye coordination, and the identification of colors, sizes, and shapes.  They also promote problem-solving and reasoning skills.
The classic wooden toys from Charlie’s Woodshop are:


The finish will not chip or peel when children are playing with or putting the toy in their mouth.


Our items hold up under extreme usage, such as classroom environments.  


Our products contain educational features that teach lessons hard to illustrate directly to young children.

High Quality:

We guarantee that our products will be played with for generations without deteriorating.


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Shields Classic Toys are experts in designing long-lasting, high-quality wooden toys that capture the attention of children and adults alike. Find the perfect wooden game board, jig-saw puzzle, or classic toy for your family today.
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