Candy Clacker
Mower in Natural Finish


Our Candy Clacker Mower provides great excitement and delight to youngsters!  Run, walk, push or pull to make the balls in the cage clickity clack away!

The Push/Pull Clickity Clacker Mowers overall size is approximately 9" wide, 23" long, by 5" high (Diameter of the roller wheel). The Ball Cage has a hand rubbed clear oil.  The (5) wooden balls are multi colored.

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  • Color: Multi Colored
  • Finish: Hand Rubbed Pigmented Impregnated Stain
  • Material: Ponderosa White Pine & Birch Dowels
  • Size: 9" Wide x 23" Long x 5" Dia. Wheels
  • Shipping Weight In Pounds: DIM WT 15
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Price Each: $44.95
Total Price: $44.95

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