Children's Play Farm Series

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Fun, colorful and sturdy wood toys to delight any child. This playtime favorite includes a complete farm set, made up of a large enough Barn for children to climb into, thru the hip roof sections that open up or for the smaller children, they can crawl in through either set of barn doors. The roof, when closed, can't pinch any fingers between the two sections when they come together. The Farm House has the ability to open up and function as a doll/play house. The Silo and Chicken Coop are action toys, that have play action with glass marbles, acting as grain in the Silo or as eggs for the Chicken Coop. The glass marbles are NOT recommended for 3yrs of age and younger. We then have all the necessary accessories for endless play. Each is handcrafted, and completely non-toxic, and washable.