Functional Wooden Furniture

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Over the years we have been asked for some older style wooden pieces that were nolonger being produced by other manufacturers for sale to the consumer. So when we were asked to make for example a old style Ammunition Box the same as what the farmers made in the early years of settling this great Nation of ours i did so. Ironically it has been a main stay over the years. This led us to make a old fashion sewing box that could set on the floor next to the woman's chair where she knitted or hand sewed with supplies close at hand. Then we were asked to produce storage/display cabinets that replicated the old drug store Apothedary Chests. We designed a standard size of 25 drawer unit. It is able to be stood on a shelf or counter or can even be mounted on a wall for usage. One of the first items was a free standing quilt rack. We then went further and designed two different wall mounted quilt racks. Of course they hold many other items than just quilts. We got into bar stools, child's rockers, benches, etc. All with the intentions of duplicating old school styling to bring back an era of time long gone.