OK, here it is, the ultimate family/party game

I had a request from my great niece to design a very large version of this stacking game. The only challenge was to make sure the the thickness was consistant throughout all of the pieces so as to not hold up because a unit was too thick or one to thin to prevent pulling a unit out. Once we accomplish this it made for a really interesting game amongst many a group. In coming up with a size it became pretty clear that we needed to make it in multiple versions to accomodate all families. So we made (3) different heights starting with the standard (54) pieces and then reduced it to (45) and then again down to (36). Once we accomplished this it then became clear that we needed to make a version 1/2 the size so when played by younger children the pieces weren't so clunky and a bit easier to handle. And again we made the (3) different sets in (54), (45), & (36).

My niece whom I made the very first set for was in the Navy on The USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT CVN-71. She originally used it at a surprise birthday party for her father. The younger kids played first and then when they retired for the evening the adults really had their fun.
I hope that all of you can enjoy this