Unique Cutting Boards

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Within this section we have a large selection of our Cutting Boards. They are made up of Hard Maple for durability while cutting on them. We manufacture (3) varieties of construction:
#1.  SURFACE GRAIN:  (3/4" thick)
         Starting with the surface grain they are cut from flat surface material either solid one piece or glued up material.
#2.  EDGE GRAIN:  (1-3/4" thick)
         With this version we cut from 1-3/4" thick Hard Maple strips and then rotate them 90 degrees and reglue together so as to have the edge grain on              the top for the cutting surface.
#3.  END GRAIN:  (1-3/4" thick)
         As for this version we take what we glued up in the edge grain and go one step further and cut cross grain strips of 1-3/4" wide and once again rotate          them 90 degrees and reglue a last time. This then gives us the top surface to be all end grain for the cutting surface.

As you progress from the surface grain to the end grain you will have a much improved cutting surface. This surface is much harder due to the end grain. The end grain will hold up the longest.

Of course, the surface grain is much desired due to the fact they are the ones we cut into desirable shapes that many people like. Some people use them simply for show or display on the counter, but still able to function as a cutting board.