Wooden Building Blocks

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We have developed a historic design of: 
Educational Wooden Building Blocks.  
Click here to read the full description: Our 'BUILDING BLOCK STORY'

They are all interlinked due to the relationship with each other.

They are a Size Colored Design whereas the Color is linked to the length of any Block of any design or shape. The key for all blocks with the same length means that they all have the same exact color. Always.

The first and formost relationship is the thickness or diameter of any Block or Cylinder. They are always exactly equal to each other. This dimension is the common denominator for all other dimensions which are multiples of it. This allows for easy combinations of building blocks in the minds of the children.

In the last few years we've added the many different shapes other than the original Squares, Rectangles, & Dowels. We now have many Triangles, Arches, Fillers, & Gable Ends. The addition of these has extended the play to endless hours of a fun pastime.