Wooden Educational
Jig-Saw Puzzle
- 1962 Cadillac


Item # W-1217

Develop dexterity, problem-solving and reasoning skills, hand/eye coordination, color, shape, size identification, and more with these big, bright, multicolored WOODEN JIG-SAW PUZZLES. The pieces are light in weight, large in size (about 3/4" thick for easy handling), and interlock loosely so even pre-schoolers can assemble them easily. All are precut, safe, sturdy, and water-resistant. The colors are non-toxic stain-like impregnated  finishes. The 1962 Cadillac is approximately 5-1/2" high, 19-1/2" long,and is Pink, Black, Gray, and  Clear Oil in color.

Again, we have another nostalgic car, but this time from the "Sixties". This '62 Caddy is a classic, because at the time, it was the only Cadillac that had a slight slow curve to the hood from the windshield to the front grille. Plus, all components were manufactured in the USA but the entire car was assembled in Italy. The only problem was, they fell apart, literally. You might walk up to it and give it a good swift kick in the tire and maybe a fender or bumper would fall to the ground. No kidding. But all this aside, it is and was a beautiful sight setting in your driveway. (That's cause you really could not drive them to far, as you would probably not come back with all of your car). Don't get me wrong, I love Cadillacs, as I personnally own an older one. I wouldn't be without it, or should I say, my wife wouldn't be without it as it is her transportation to work. I drive something else built to my size and liking.

Our wooden toys are created for the safety and education of all. We started designing for young children, but soon found that every person in the family was the kid having fun. While having fun, learning skills are very apparent. These wooden toys help develop dexterity, hand/eye coordination, color, shape, size identification, problem-solving and reasoning skills, plus many others.

All of our Jig-Saw Puzzles are created without a frame to insert the pieces into, as most others are. We want the child to match and compare body parts that go together or structural shapes to each other, in order to reassemble each design. Not put a piece into a frame that matches the frame, having no consideration for the relationship of the components that make up the design. The grain of the wood plays an important part as all designs are cut from a solid piece of wood.

This toy has the following qualities and capabilities:
Non-Toxic (safe in child's mouth).
Interlocks  loosely (very easy to attach one piece to another).
Washable in the Sink or Play With in the Bathtub.
Heat Resistant.
Can be Hot Plates and Coasters.
Decorative & Conversational throughout the house.  
All puzzles will hang together on the wall with no hook or gluing. (It will hang from just a small finishing nail in the wall).

And last but not least, this item is  part of our entire line of:
Educational Wooden Toys/Games & Children's Play Furniture.

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  • Color: Pink, Black, Gray, & Clear Oil
  • Finish: Hand Rubbed Pigmented Impregnated Stain
  • Material: Ponderosa White Pine
  • Shipping Weight in Pounds: DIM WT 7
Price Each: $49.95
Total Price: $49.95

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