Wooden Educational Stack Toy
- "Obliqo"


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Catalog # W-1009

"Obliqo", the exciting game that appeals to players of all ages ... even those who do not like to play games! The rules are amazingly simple, the possibilities of play are unlimited. Take it with you wherever you go. Challenging, competitive, captivating fun from the very first move.

"Obliqo" is played by stacking (40) Obliqo-Blox of various sizes, shapes, and species of wood  with balance and counter balance. We use different styles of cutting tools to create many different cut surfaces which create a number of frictional surfaces (resistance to motion between two bodies) to make the game extremely interesting and challenging. The game is played along, stacking piece by piece, player by player, until an individual creates the structure to topple (causing their's and/or other pieces to fall). At this point the game segment ends and score is calculated and then start another session until the game ends and all scores are tallied to determine a winner.

We apply a Non-Toxic finish to each of the (40) different unique  Obliqo-Blox by dipping them into a solution of  Shellac and then tumbling them to dry with only a very thin coat of Shellac to seal the wood. The Obliqo Game consists of the (40) individual pieces made up from (7) species of wood, which are: Basswood, Red Oak, White Pine, Yellow Poplar, Redwood, Hard Maple, & Birch.

Our wooden toys are created for the safety and education of all. We started designing for young children, but soon found that every person in the family was the kid having fun. While having fun, learning skills are very apparent. These wooden toys help develop dexterity, hand/eye coordination, color, shape, size identification, problem-solving and reasoning skills, plus many others.

All our toys have the following qualities and capabilities:
Non-Toxic (safe in child's mouth).
Conversational pieces.

And last but not least, this item is  part of our entire line of:
Educational Wooden Toys/Games & Children's Play Furniture.

  • Accessories Included: [ Score Sheets ]
  • Color: [ Clear Coating ]
  • Design: [ (40) Different Shapes ]
  • EXTRAS: [ Game Instructions + Pouch ]
  • Finish: [ Thin Coat of Shellac ]
  • Material: [ (7) Species of Wood ]
  • Quantity: [ (40) Unique different Pieces ]
  • Size: [ (40) Various Sizes ]
  • Shipping Weight In Pounds: [ DIM WT 4 ]
Price Each: $42.95
Total Price: $42.95