Wooden Marble Game Board - Aggravation
- 22" Octagon, Red Oak
- 8-Player - 6-Hole - Oiled


Item # W-1954


This Aggravation game board is a 22" Octagon, made of solid Red Oak, with a beautiful wood grain enhanced by a non-toxic hand-rubbed natural oil finish. It is designed with (6) holes up and down to match the original concept of the game and also fit onto a 22" Octagon. The set includes: (32) 25mm (1") dia. either solid opaque or purie glass marbles of which there are (4) each of (8) different colors, plus (8) colored Dice to match the (8) sets of colors of the glass marbles. Also includes instructions on how to play the game, if you have forgotten from childhood. The marbles are packaged in a velour pouch with a double drawstring.

For 2 to 8 players  ; [ difficulty : medium + ]

The marble size of 1" ( 25mm ) means the following:
1. More safety around younger children.
2. A plus factor for the elderly, because they are an easier size to pick up with arthritic hands.
3. The bright colors of the larger sized marbles assist with poor vision associated with the elderly.

Not recommended for 3 years of age or younger. Marbles are a choking hazard.

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  • Color: Clear Hand Rubbed Oil
  • Finish: Hand Rubbed Natural Oil
  • Material: Red Oak
  • Size: 22" Octagon
  • Shipping Weight In Pounds: *DIM WT 21
Price Each: $159.95
Total Price: $159.95