Wooden Rocking Horses

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In the beginning, we developed our first and most liked Rocking Horse. It was sized with a 16" high seat that would fit in the middle age of children who would or could ride it. Younger children have to learn how to climb on but when successful it is a joy to see their faces with big smiles. As the child learns how to really rock it, and I mean really rock it they can learn how to move accross a room either on carpet, wood or linoleum. Even I at 6' 7" back in the 70's through the 90's demonstrated this at my home as well in shopping malls when I had displays during the Holiday's around the US. Believe me when I say I got noticed due to my height back then. People would ask is it safe with me being on this child sized horse. Would it hold up? I then told them my Wooden Rocking Horses are designed in mind for 300 lbs. We actually like to recommend that it be held to 150 lbs. from the child's point of view. That is not to say we have heard of the parents both getting on to have some fun of their own. I will leave that alone for your imagination. 

It wasn't until June of 2014 that I had requests to manufacture a much larger version. I did so and wal'la, it was received very well. Again we produced it in the same (3) versions, Clear Oiled (TEAK Oil), Stained Brown and Oiled, and then the Burnt & TEAK Oiled.