Wooden Stack Toys

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Our entire line of Educational wooden toys and games have multiple benefits for your young children. Besides the hand/eye color coordination, finger dexterity, and non-sequential stacking capability, they are absolutely a lot of fun. Our line of quality toys will hold the attention of a child longer than most other similar toys. We brag about the "Playability" of our products and this can all be measured with the Stacking Hamburger, Sandwich, Hoagie or 'Obliqo' game. Ofcourse don't forget our PUZZLE-MAN STACKERS.
And then there is our famous "Size Color" related Building Block Sets. There is no right or wrong way to stack any of them. Mathematics is the key underlying feature for their design but the fun part of stacking and falling is the 'coolest' according to the kids.
All of THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS are non-toxic with a stain-like finish impregnated into the wood. Washable in the sink and tub safe. Also ideal for use as trivets and decorative hot-plates and coasters. Also, it should be noted that the age of the child playing with our toys is not a definitive age. It ranges to the heights of anyone wanting to be a kid for awhile.