Wooden Toys

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Wooden toys are what I grew up on. They were made by my Grandfather. Few and far between but still my favorite of any toys I had. They lasted and lasted throughout my childhood and my (2) younger siblings as well. When I went on to College and returned they were all gone. They didn't just dissappear but moreover my Mom had given then to other young families in need who couldn't afford to buy toys of any kind. After I heard that I wasn't so dissappointed. But it stuck in the back of my mind that being my grandfather had made them very stable and good remained in the back of my mind so when I started designing wooden toys it was at the forefront of my intentions to make the very best quality wooden toys possible.

As you will see, we have a wide assortment of designs and functionality. But the key word is PLAYABILITY. When a child gets ahold of a toy that is fun and doesn't break down and holds up to constant playing, they tend to play with it longer and longer. We have tried to capture the fun in all of our designs so the kids will enjoy them.

We specialize in our uniquely designed Educational Wooden Building Blocks. They teach math without even trying very hard. The child figures out a theme on their own in order to complete any sort of building project they come up with.
     Our 'BUILDING BLOCK STORY'   These Blocks entertain a child longer than any of our other toys. We even have the wagons to hold any number of blocks with the (5) different sized wagons.